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Our hangman is a design based on an early 20th century game in our private collection. Hangman has been played for centuries in many different forms. In the late victorian period we see it as "Birds, Beasts and Fishes" as observed by Alice Bertha Gomme in her book Traditional Games published in 1894. It shows up in earlier accounts as "Hangin" or "Gallows". Our Version was inspired by an antique game in our collection. Our hangman is made from poplar hardwood. The hangman  allows up to 10 letter words written on a chalkboard. Game comes in a sturdy storage box and includes 3 pieces of white chalk, cloth eraser. All hangman parts and are easily dismantled for flat storage. This is a wonderful learning toy for children learning to spell and can provide hours of fun for the whole family or a rousing night of entertainment for you and your friends! We can customize your Hanged man too!. Our standard is painted in Union Blue, Cinfederate Gray, or left plain for you to decide! Please specify your choice below.

Hangman Game

SKU: 3000-60
Natural: Natural
Confederate: Grey
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